We are bombo, a small but big team
We could say many things about us but if we have to choose a word will be "commitment". Our implication is absolute in each one of our projects, we put all our heart in every part of the process to reach best results.

We are amphibians, we adapt to all the needs of our clients and of every situation, we also are dynamic and well organized, but we cannot deny the fact that we still have that crazy and creative touch so typical of the old advertising school.

Shall we start?

Our team

Our team, in constant evolution, is integrated of three designers especialized on different roles: Juan Regueiro, Alberto Murillo and Cecilia Martínez. Together we include all the design phases, from management and previos analysis, through conceptualization and ideation until we get to production preocess and results measurement. We will be by your side during all this process.

Don't wait any longer to contact us.

Collaborations and collaborators

We are tiny but mighty. That is why our team grows in a dynamic way thanks to our professional and network collaborators, who work side by side with us, we are capable of embrace every different need of each project. Do you need photo? We have photographers who adapt to every of your needs. Printing? Caligraphy? Web development? No problem, you just ask and we will find the solution.

Futhermore, our team adapts to other sectors. We are part of working teams with other companies who need our design skills day to day. Long life to collaborations!


We don't design for you, we design with you

We like to get involved in every project, the way we work is linked to an approach with the client and the real needs of the company. We want to heard you to provide creative and innovative proposals to increase your business and boost your brand. We have what you are looking for.




Every project needs a previous research process, this will generate pillars to achieve the best results. In adition, we are curious by nature.



Analize, analize and then take decisions, that is the question. Decisions will be more accurate and it will be reflected on the final result.** Lets stare the data with a magnifying glass!**



If we have to walk a long path it will be better to have a good plan. Planification and strategy are your brand and comunication key, every step analized before will be welcome once the time is pressing.



Here is when our spirit raised and we take the best out of ourselves. We experiment with esthetic and functionality to achieve the best creative result. We like colours!



Once we have the sketches, it's time to develope the entire project. At this point is when we realice of all the possibilities of our ideas and concepts.



The process comes to an end and with it the launching of the project. It's time to see it in action. We are so involved on the project that we get as happy as nervous to see the final result, the same that happens with our own projects.

Some of our clients



  • Anuaria Selection: adward to the best branding ( Mad Marx)
  • Anuaria Selection: adward to the best self-promotion project
  • Anuaria Selection: Best advertising in digital media (Murder party. Dinahosting)

Books and publications:

  • Visual Magazine
  • Guía Creativity 2008
  • Packaging & Structure. Sendpoint publications.
  • Select G. Index book Editions
  • Card design. Lnpress editors

Blog Mentions:

  • trendhunter.com
  • packagingoftheworld.com
  • creative-inspiration.co.uk

Lectures and conferences:

  • "A fish out of water" EASD Pablo Picasso Design School A Coruña
  • We are ads. Festival de Publicidad de la Facultad de CCSS y Comunicación de Pontevedra. (Conferencia)


  • Calligraphy and Lettering course in MAC, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo of A Coruña (4 editions)
  • Calligraphy workshop, Municipal Library of A Coruña
  • Capitulars characters workshop for kids in the Forum Metropolitano childern's library, A Coruña
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