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Argadela is a **young audiovisual project created **in A Coruña by Clara and Gutier, two young passionate with their job and professional sector. Their values and philosophy like the streght and feminist energy were important pillars to consider during the brand design creation, as it were to decide with color palette we should use. The well contrasted and powerful colors are spread along all the stationary and applications designed.

During the logo creation, other graphic elements were generated contributing to unify in a single graphic styles the creative and dynamic values so characteristic of the project and their founders.

Artilugio gallego del que sale el concepto de la marca y el naming de Argadela
During the brand design process we explore the meaning of the naiming. The word Argadela is a feminine adaptation of "argadelo", a galician word wich refers to a wooden tool which is used to untangle and convert skeins of yarn or wool into balls. This is a simile to the audiovisual creation and production wich takes a lot of initial material and afeter recording and edition transform that material in the final product. We use basic circles as a graphic element to refer the shape and movements this tool makes while its working. The final Result is a colourful and striking design associated to strong values, making it a recognizable brand.
Diseño de tarjeta corporativa para Argadela
Diseño de Presupuesto para la productora Argadela
tipografía corporativa para proyecto Argadela
Retoque de imagen con los colores corporativos de Argadela
Tote bag con los colores de la marca de argaleda
Iconos en movimiento que forman parte de la identidad de marca de Argadela
diseño de Flyer con los servicios de la productora Página web responsive co los servicios de la productora coruñesa Círculos de colores que forman la identidad de marca
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