LochNessBus is a company located in Scotland, specialized in creating direct bus routes to Loch Ness. Their target audience are young, adventure-looking tourists interested in quick and uncomplicated travelling to discover the Loch Ness Monster, which has quickly become the brand´s graphic signature.

Diseño de logo LochNessBus
Imagen campaña publicitaria LochNessBus
Paleta de colores corporativos
Diseño elemento de marca
Diseño gráficos corporativos LochNessBus
Diseño linea gráfica corporativa
The result is both youthful and cool, with a fun personality and focused on the previously mentioned audience. A cheerful and contrasted colour palette offers the perfect combination in order to create an identity in coherence with the philosophy of the company.
Diseño folletos corporativos
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