O transistor


Corporate identity design for O transistor, a new venue located in Ames where cocktails and good music come together in the best of settings. The challenge of the project was to convey with the graphics the strong personality of the place and its philosophy, something that was achieved starting from a manual and personalized lettering for the logo design.

The logo was developed based on a manual lettergin to achieve the expressiveness and personality sought, which, together with a vibrant and highly contrasted color palette and an accompanying manual typography, we achieved an effect with a lot of its own character that reflects the strength of the initial idea.
The design of different corporate applications is carried out taking into account the graphics. With the design of t-shirts, coasters, a menu of products and blackboards, among others, we managed to provide the material to be used in the premises with the same identity and character, creating an environment of visual harmony within the premises, where this style was also respected throughout. the decoration.

For the development of the material, we design different formats of the logo, which adapt to all corporate needs without losing the essence of the initial lettering.
In the design of all corporate elements, the contrast of the color palette that gives us visual unity plays an important role. All of the above makes O transistor a unique place where you can breathe the good vibes of a job well done, with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
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