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After 32 years being an icon in Santiago's nightlife, it was time to redesign the Pub Atlántico graphic identity.
This pub is a place with a perfect mix of its three important pillars: cocktails, rock and Roll music and a cultural environment surrounded by a true Atlantic family forged after so many years.

The result of the design reflects the philosophy of the pub and Pilar, its manager: an energetic and dynamic brand with a thuggish spirit that brings a freshness touch to the entire design project.
We made a typographic brand with a strong personality accompanied by a simple but contrasted, lively and even elegant color palette that creates a striking graphic line

Diseño de logo Pub Atlántico Santiago de Compostela
Fotografia cocteleria Pub Atlántico Santiago de Compostela
Diseño corporativo Pub Atlántico
The typographic style sets are part of the corporate graphic line and provide it with an elegant character that transports us to the past without losing a contemporary style throw the combination of a sans and a serif typeface. The resulting symbol is summarized in the "A" for Atlantic trasmiting all the energy of the project and transporting us to the environment that is breathed in the pub.
Paleta cromática Pub Atlántico
Diseño tarjetas corporativas Pub Atlántico
Diseño de símbolo Pub Atlántico
Diseño de cartel de concierto Pub Atlántico
Diseño banderola fachada Pub Atlántico
Diseño folleto tardeo Pub Atlántico
Diseño de bolsa Pub Atlántico
Diseño tipográfico sesión vermú pub Atlántico Santiago de Compostela
Ilustración de copa cóctel de Pub Atlántico


This vintage illustrations, colored with a engraving style, are the icing on the cake of this brand design, providing a loutish style becoming a transgressive piece in communication without breaking the established graphic identity. All the branding is displayed in different applications inside the pub, as it is on its website. Take a look!
Animación de ilustraciones corporativas Pub Atlántico
Diseño de sello ilustraco Pub Atlántico
Diseño de etiqueta Atlántico Express
Diseño tipográfico Atlántico Express