Snaola is a special beauty salon located in A Coruña where you can enjoy the pleasure of taking care of yourself with an exclusive and personalized service. They only work with 100% natural and organic products extracted from plants, flowers and oils.

The founder, Mar Esnaola, is the soul of the business, that is why the concept of the brand goes around her surname, taking the S as the symbol we look for a fine and elegant design in consequence with the products and services offered. The final result is an elegant brand with personality and faithful to the philosophy of its founder.

logotipo de peluquería snaola, arte natural en A Coruña
Diseño tarjeta de visita peluqueria Snaola
Diseño de bolsa de papel con el logotipo diseñado para la peluquería
Maquetación y diseño de catálogo de la peluquería
Catálogo realizado con un diseño limpio y elemgante con información servicios de la peluquería
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