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Survara is part of a project in which a large team of professionals from different disciplines participated. Since the birth of this new brand, our role has focused on naming, branding, art direction and communication.

It is a brand of natural wood floors with an interesting history behind it, endorsed by its main pillars, which are sustainability and the final quality of the product, as well as its traceability and functionalities.

Identidad corporativa survara
Arbol de diseño corporativo Survara
Diseño de símbolo survara
Ramas de árboles
Diseño de iconos de marca
The design objective was to convey the company's values, hence the result of a clean and fresh brand that transports us to an environment of nature, a feeling that is enhanced by the use of a color palette of neutral ranges that at the same time they bring us calm and serenity. Survara is history, quality, style and nature, concepts that we took into account when creating the names of each of the floors, based on concepts of nature that relate the materials used with geographical areas of the planet in a sensory way. In the same way, each type of wood is represented by the design of an icon of the tree to which it refers to help differentiate them visually.
Diseño de packaging de muestras de suelo survara
Diseño de caja personalizada survara
Diseño de packaging de muestras survara

So that people could assess the quality of the product before making the purchase, a packaging design was made to send up to three different soil samples. Furthermore, it was decided to take advantage of this action to create an interesting experience for the user, accompanying a corporate leaflet and a natural linen bag with an acorn inside and instructions on how to plant it, since the main wood used by the brand is oak.

With this custom-made packaging, Survara's identity, values ​​and philosophy are conveyed to the public from the very beginning.
Diseño de folleto corporativo Survara
Bolsita de lino con bellota de packaging survara
Muestras de suelos survara
In the design of the web page, the essence of the company was captured with a clean and functional design, which allows the user to navigate smoothly and to know the information they are looking for quickly and accurately. In addition, it has an online store for its floors with all the facilities for its purchase. As a strong point, its space simulator that allows different floors to be tested in various environments with a wide variety of colors that facilitates the choice and purchase decision. The programming of the website was carried out by the team of Estudio Caravana in collaboration with the positioning team of Koompany. For the realization of the product photographs, we have the participation of Roi Alonso, specialist photographer in interiors. Regarding the graphic design of its social networks, the graphic line stipulated for the brand was applied, so that a very personal style is achieved, perfectly recognizable and consistent at all times.
Diseño de iconos de marca Survara
Fotografía de suelos survara
Fotografía de suelos de madera natural
Fotografía de estancia con suelos de madera natural survara
Diseño de iconos de marca Survara
Diseño de redes sociales survara
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