II art and design days


Graphics design for the "IV Xornadas de Arte e Diseño de la Escuela Pablo Picasso" in A Coruña. The design is carried out by playing with the number four in Roman numerals IV, transforming it into the ≥ symbol used in mathematics as the “greater or equal” symbol.

The main idea of the design, nade of the concept of talks of different specialties where there are speakers who explain their experience and vision of the profession. Thanks to these talks, attendees who seek to learn and evolve with this experience, so that their contribution to the profession in the future, is greater or equal to that of the speakers themselves.

In this case, when dealing with digital conferences through a streaming platform, we play with 3 ideas: listen, process and reproduce, used as a simile between the talks and how the students digest those pills of wisdom trying to apply in their day to day the knowledge acquired. A design combined with a contrasting and dynamic color palette, which reflects the freshness of the School.

Diseño folleto programa Xornadas Deseño
Mupi diseño Xornadas Arte e Deseño
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