Estudo Momento

Diseño web

Estudo Momento is an independent film producer and theater company that studies the principles and techniques of film and theater languages and also produces plays to learn how to make better films.

Its classic essence has been the concept to work on the design of the new branding, playing with an elegant black and white typography to achieve a classic and elegant brand to sign their projects.

Diseño cartel de productora Estudo Momento
Tipografía elegida para el branding de Estudo Momento
Diseño de versiones de marca de Estudo Momento
Diseño de tarjetas corporativas para Estudo Momento
As part of the project the design and programming of the corporate website was developed in addition to the corporate stationery. A fresh and different page, with a casual style combined with the fantastic images of the photographer Kinografias.
Diseño de feed de instagram para la marca Estudo Momento
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