Koompany is a project dedicated to growth digital business and online marketing strategies for companies. Formed by a young and dynamic team, it is the kind of company that businessman and entrepreneurs look for when they need to implement marketing strategies on their business, that is the reason why we look for a fresh design in the branding.

The starting concept was the infinite symbol, which reflects the strength and complicity and confidence of this company with its clients, always thinking in a collaborative and constant work with them, this is the reason why the infinite is made with the type characters of the logo itself.

The color palette, fresh and contrasted, reflect the digital environment where Koompany develops its projects, also becoming a powerful identity sign.

Logotipo diseñado para la marca koompany, empresa gallega de marketing digital
Publicidad de dos astronautasayudándose para empresa de marketing digital y social media
Publicidad para redes sociales que muestra la unión del símbolo con una fotografía
Símbolo de la marca Koompany realizado a partir del enlace de dos letras del logotipo como símbolo de unión entre cliente y empresa
Iconos diseñados con los colores corporativos de la marca
Diseño de tarjeta corporativa para la marca koompany diseñada sobre un degradado de color y con un barniz uvi con el símbolo
The set of corporate pieces that conforms the brand are clearly recognizable thanks to the use of graphic elements and colors that take part of visual, coherent and different design, same as the services offered by Koompany.
muestra del diseño de la papelería corporativa de la marca, sus colores vivos y brillantes forman parte de la identidad corporativa
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