“Macbeth, the noise and fury” is a version of Estudo do Momento theater company about the Shakespeare classic tragedy adapted by Manuel Lourenzo. A celtic tragedy about ambition and destiny in a short play with a great work of adaptation and wrote in galician language.

In this case, a graphic line according to the play and the intention of a renewed classic was needed, hence the use of a modern and clean aesthetic in line with this version. The graphic elements were reduced to two colors and one graphic element: the crown, achieving a great meaning graphic line that invites to enjoy this play from the seats.

Diseño de campaña gráfica para Macbeth en gallego
Diseño de cartel obra de teatro Macbeth en galego
Gráfica promocional de Macbeth en gallego
Diseño de folleto obra de teatro Macbeth
Diseño de díptico de programa de man obra de teatro Macbeth
Carátula de obra de teatro Macbeth en gallego
All the promotional advertising were made under the same graphic concept in order to achieve a complete experience in the viewer’s mind, from the promotional poster, hand program to the box office tickets. All accompanied with fantastic images of the play itself that make you want to enjoy this renewed classic.
Diseño y maquetación dosser Macbeth en gallego
Cartel promocional de obra de teatro Macbeth en gallego
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