Diseño web

Corporate identity design for Rebordelos, a cultural company where the artisan creation of each piece is vindicated. This company creates own and colective cinematographic and theatrical projects.

The meaning of the naming is "mount of small oaks", wich conceptually shows the value of time and also the roots that germinate in culture projects, aspects that we tried to show in this rebranding. As a result, we have a minimalistic and clean desig with a chromathic palette in black and white where photography gains importance. A simple brand redesign with but with a lot of personality.

Logo rebordelos sobre imagen
composicion imagenes rebordelos
Imagen corporativa de Rebordelos
Tipografía corporativa Rebordelos
Diseño de factura corporativa Rebordelos
diseño de carpeta corporativa Rebordelos
Diseño de página web corporativa Rebordelos
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